Why You Should Pre-Plan Funeral Arrangements

Posted on April 19, 2022 by Bevis Funeral Home under Bevis, Funeral Services, Making Arrangements, Preplanning
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Why You Should Pre-Plan Funeral Arrangements

While the thought of pre-planning a funeral can be difficult, it is a kind and caring thing to do. With pre-planning, friends and family will already know how they can honor your wishes without stress or question when the time comes. Here is a little more about pre-planning, and why it may be the best choice for you and your family.

Why pre-plan?

Pre-planning is thinking about and recording your end-of-life desires. You don’t have to feel anxiety about the future knowing that all your plans are in the reliable hands of your family, friends and the funeral director. It’s all about taking control and making sure your wishes are known for whoever may be planning the service down the road.

If I pre-plan, do I have to pre-pay?

A common question regarding pre-planning is if you have to pre-pay. To answer it simply, no. Pre-planning only requires that you have a written record of your end-of-life choices, not that you must pay for them at that moment. While pre-payment is not required, it can be a wise choice as it helps to protect from inflation and unpredictable expenses down the road. You can be comforted in knowing that when you choose to pre-fund your final arrangements, your money is put in a state-approved trust account or top-rated insurance company until required. After your pre-plan is paid for in full, the price is guaranteed. You will never have to pay more for the items you have already paid for.

When you pre-plan, your wishes will also remain intact even if you need to choose another funeral home down the line. Wherever you are laid to rest, your plan should be transferable to any funeral home within the United States. Check the details of your agreement to be sure.

How do I get started with the pre-planning process?

Whether you are pre-planning for yourself, or encouraging a loved one to so, bringing up the conversation is the first place to start. Here are a few questions to consider if pre-planning for yourself:

  • Why are you considering pre-planning?
  • How would you like your family to be involved in the process?
  • Now that we know your wishes, what should we do next?
  • Does this mean you anticipate needing a funeral soon?

There are those trained to help guide you through this process and will make it much easier than you might expect. When talking about end-of-life arrangements, be sure to remind your loved one that you are doing so out of love and so that they’re wishes may be fulfilled. Here are a few conversation starters to get talking:

  • Even if it’s far into the future, you’ll ensure that a difficult time is less stressful for your loved ones.
  • When everything is determined in advance, families can focus on celebrating life, knowing that last wishes are perfectly fulfilled.
  • Planning a funeral can require over 150 decisions, and making those choices now, together, can be an experience that brings families closer.

Pre-planning funeral arrangements is certainly not an easy conversation, but it’s an important one. When you pre-plan with Bevis Funeral Home, you can be assured that there will be no burden on your friends or family when the time comes, and that arrangements are exactly what you wanted.

For more pre-planning FAQs, click here, or contact us today to learn more about if pre-planning is right for you.

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