Employee Spotlight: Jared Padgett

Posted on February 21, 2022 by Bevis Funeral Home under Employee Spotlight
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For Jared Padgett, the funeral industry is an important part of his family history. While the 25-year-old began his career as a college athlete, he knew he would eventually find his home working in the funeral industry, as both his mother and his grandfather had before him. He grew up seeing the ways in which their careers, and their family funeral home, James & Lipford Funeral Home, allowed them to serve grieving families during incredibly difficult times.  

“This was always something I had a stronger desire to do,” he said. “It’s very rewarding to be able to take care of families during one of the worst things that could happen to anyone.”  

Jared grew up in Graceville, Fla., and showed an aptitude for football and baseball from a young age, which earned him a number of collegiate scholarship opportunities. He ultimately signed with Mississippi State to play baseball, which led to also playing at two additional schools.  

He always knew, however, that as much as he enjoyed sports, he desired to serve families through the funeral industry as his family had done. In 2020, he enrolled in mortuary school at the Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Directing and, in May of 2021, began a year-long internship at Bevis Funeral Home to become a licensed funeral director. 

So far, Jared’s most rewarding experience working at Bevis Funeral Home has been serving the family of the late Bobby Bowden after the former FSU football coach’s passing last year. “Getting the opportunity to be part of that, something that big, was pretty incredible,” he said. “But, then again, they’re just like any other family. And all families need to be treated with the utmost respect with what they want done at the end of the day.”

Jared strives to live his life in a way that brings encouragement to others. “When anybody meets me or talks with me, I don’t make their day worse. I always do something to make it better,” he said. “That’s really how I carry myself.”

That desire to support and encourage others certainly carries over to his career as a funeral director and what he values about being part of the team at Bevis Funeral Home. When asked to describe his workplace in three words, he chose passionate, loving and generous. 

“Everybody works together, regardless of personal situations or anything else,” he said. “We’re here to serve our families, and nothing ever really gets in the way of that.” 

When he’s not at work, you can find Jared playing video games, enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with his wife, Jenna.  

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