Funeral Service Cell Phone Etiquette

Posted on August 27, 2020 by Bevis Funeral Home under Funeral Etiquette
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Cell phones are ubiquitous nowadays. Smartphones pop out at weddings, baptisms, in bathrooms, at the theater and everywhere in between. But do cell phones belong at funerals? The short answer is no; keep reading for the longer answer.

Turn Your Cell Phone Off

The easiest and quickest way to properly deal with your phone is to completely turn it off. That way, you can devote your full attention to the service, remembering the deceased and supporting the family. The phone should remain off the entire time, from when you step foot into the church or funeral home until the services are completely over and you’re outside.

Turn Your Cell Phone to Silent

If you absolutely must have your cell phone on perhaps because you have someone coming to the funeral from out of town– make sure it’s on silent. If you have to take a call or answer a text, get up and go outside. Work obligations and other calls can wait. If you’re noticeably on your phone during the service or if your phone makes noise, be prepared for an officiant or the funeral director to come ask you quietly to turn it off.

As a Distraction for Children

It’s tempting to give your children a device to keep them quiet and still during the funeral service. However, it’s still not a great idea. Even with headphones, your little one may be tempted to gasp or celebrate finally making it to a new level in their favorite game. Talk to your children before the service about the importance of what’s going on. Tell them that it’s a solemn occasion that deserves their full attention.

Cell Phones As a Coping Mechanism

Funeral services can be emotionally draining. Some people may feel the need to text a friend for support or turn to an app to remain calm. That’s fine, just make sure to leave the service and go to a quiet place in the lobby or outside to gather yourself. Funeral home staff are also there to support you as you grieve and can help you if the service becomes too much for you to bear.

Selfies, Pictures and Connections

Funerals often bring together friends and family that you may not have connected with in a long time. Taking a selfie, group pictures or exchanging contact information is perfectly normal, but please wait until after the service. Resist the urge to take pictures of the casket, decorations or the deceased, especially during the service. If the family asks you to take photos, please do so before or after the service.

Bevis Funeral Home is here to help you plan the funeral service that fits your loved one’s lifestyle perfectly and to help you grieve and cope with the death of a loved one. Call us for more help in planning services or coping with grief, 850-385-2193.

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