Remembering a Loved One in a Pandemic

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An older couple using a tablet to video chat.

Use technology to safely visit with friends and loved ones.

Emotions and time wait for no one, even in a pandemic. In fact, those feelings may even be multiplied. Whether you’re remembering the anniversary of the loss of a loved one or marking a recent loss, you can still do so and keep yourself safe from the coronavirus pandemic. Just remember to always follow any local ordinances, rules and regulations about venturing out and social distancing.

Virtual Meetings

Make regular time to visit with friends and family using technology such as video chats. You can use this time to reminisce, tell stories, laugh and connect. It may seem complicated, but it’s not. Here are popular and easy-to-use apps.

Zoom: You’ve probably heard a lot of this company since the outbreak of COVID-19. Personal meetings less than 40 minutes are free. It’s available on mobile and desktop devices and also supports a chat.

FaceTime: If you have an Apple device, you have the option to FaceTime with other Apple users. It’s a native (built-in) app, so there’s nothing to download. Be aware that it may not be available using your mobile data, depending on your data plan.

Google Hangouts: A communication software from Google that supports both video and text chat. If you use Gmail, it’s integrated with your log-in.

Video calling is also native to many social media platforms, like Facebook’s Messenger. You will need a camera, and many smartphones and tablets have a forward-facing camera, or you can buy a webcam.

Visit Favorite Places

Pay a visit to some of your loved one’s favorite places or do some of their favorite activities. Some safe activities include taking a walk or a hike, riding a bike or getting some exercise outdoors and gardening. Even a drive-by could prove cathartic. Just make sure to follow any local rules, regulations and ordinances related to the pandemic. Don’t go into parks or areas that are closed to the public and make sure you keep six feet between you and people you don’t live with.

Donate to a Charity

Charitable organizations are struggling because of the economic shutdown. A Charity Navigator survey says that 83 percent of nonprofits say they’re seeing financial challenges because of the COVID-19 pandemic and 64 percent said they were cutting services. At the same time, half of the nonprofits reported an increased demand for their services.

If you are financially able, support some of your loved one’s favorite charities and causes by giving in their memory. The creators of GivingTuesday, which raised $2 billion last year on Dec. 3, have designated May 5 as a special day of giving in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Consider making your gift that day.

Share Memories

Cue up one of your loved one’s favorite shows or movies and snuggle up to some great memories. Using some of the video chat software, you can even set up a virtual watch party with friends and family members. If you’ve got lots of photos or videos, you can also share those virtually, using social media or other sharing sites.

Continue Support the Grieving

Continue to work to support your friends and families in their grief. It can help you, too. One of the most effective ways to help a grieving person is by writing them a letter, which allows that person to grieve on their own time. Schedule times to stop by and visit – from the sidewalk – just to check in and see if they need anything. You can also schedule no-contact services, like a grocery drop-off, food delivery or lawn service.

Remember, Bevis Funeral Home is offering live-streaming of funeral and memorial services, allowing you to remember your loved one from the safety of your own home. For more on watching a funeral or memorial services, virtual pre-planning meetings or on grieving, please call us at (850) 385-2193.

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