5 Ways to Honor Your Father’s Memory

Posted on June 5, 2019 by Bevis Funeral Home under Dealing with Loss, Grief Support
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Sons honor father's memory with photos

Losing a parent is never easy, especially if you were close to them. We each grieve and heal in our own way, but when holidays come around, that pain may resurface.

Holidays can be a somber reminder of your loved one’s absence, and some may even find themselves reliving the emotions they felt when their loved one passed away, no matter how much time has passed.

As Father’s Day approaches, anyone mourning the loss of a dad should consider these five meaningful ways to remember and honor him on this special day.

Visit His Final Resting Place

When possible, visiting your father’s final resting place is a great way to feel connected to him. Bring a blanket or chair and sit by his gravesite or the spot where his ashes remain. As a gift or tribute to your father on this special day, consider bringing flowers, a ribbon or something he loved to place by his gravesite.

Some people find comfort in talking to their deceased family and friends as if they were still present, so they take the opportunity to update them on the happenings of their lives when visiting their gravesite. But, if talking to the deceased makes you feel uneasy, don’t go alone. Bring other members of the family with you while visiting so you can all take the opportunity to talk about how much your father meant to you and recount some of your favorite memories.

Spend Time with Family

Father’s Day is a great time to gather with family members, especially siblings, and share some of your favorite stories of your dad. Whether you decide to host a formal party or grab a quick lunch together, taking a moment to pause and share memories of your father with loved ones will help keep his spirit alive on this special day.

Often, people who are grieving find comfort in surrounding themselves with those who knew and loved their deceased family members and friends also. Along with sharing stories, you and your family may want to listen to songs that remind you of your dad, watch his favorite movie or even honor him at a special family dinner by making one of his favorite dishes.

Make a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a great way to hold all your memories in one place, so it’s the perfect activity to memorialize your deceased father on Father’s Day.

Go through old photos of your dad and pick some that bring back fond memories of him. Although this is something that you can do alone, you may find joy and comfort in doing this activity with other family members. They may even be able to share some photos of your dad you’ve never seen and stories you’ve never heard before.

Do Something Your Dad Loved

Did your dad have a favorite restaurant he would always go to? Maybe he enjoyed playing sports and doing other outdoor activities. Whatever it may be, there is always something and some place that will remind you of your dad. On Father’s Day, do something your dad loved and remember the good times you shared with him and what made this activity or location so special to him.

Write a Letter

Whether you want to write a letter to or about your father, this is a great and meaningful way to honor him. Writing is often a therapeutic form of expression for many, helping them channel their energy on paper in times of great stress. This can be done where ever you feel the most comfortable, but you might consider writing in one of his favorite spots to help you feel more connected. In this letter, you may want to write about how much your father meant to you, what your favorite thing about him was or even thank him for what he taught you.

Whether you’re looking to start a new tradition or honor your father in a different way every year, remember there’s no wrong way to celebrate your father’s memory. Coping with death is a personal matter and your tribute to your father can be as unique and special as your relationship.

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