How to Choose Your Deceased Loved One’s Final Clothing

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When arranging a funeral, one important detail that many people often overlook is what the deceased will be wearing.

The burial or cremation clothes you choose for a loved one who passed away can be another way to showcase their unique personality during an open-casket viewing, funeral or memorial ceremony.

If the deceased didn’t make their clothing preferences clear, follow these simple guidelines to help you choose your loved one’s final clothing.

Keep their Personal Style in Mind

When selecting your loved one’s funeral attire, it’s important to consider their personality and the type of memorial service it will be. With the rise of nontraditional services, it has become more acceptable to dress the deceased in clothing that may have once been considered too casual.

Don’t be afraid to throw in special tributes to their personal style by dressing them in their favorite color, garment or accessory even if it may not fit the mold of traditional funeral clothing. In some settings, a favorite sweater or sports jersey is perfectly acceptable.

Many people worry that an open-casket ceremony will be harder for attendees because the deceased will no longer look like themselves. While working with an experienced mortician will help combat this issue, including elements of the deceased’s personal style in their burial attire also may be comforting to those in attendance.

Consider Cultural and Religious Requirements

Different religions have different requirements regarding what to bury your deceased loved one in. Religions such as Islam, Judaism and Hinduism, for example, require specific cultural dress and hairstyles. If you are arranging a traditional religious funeral, be sure to check with the deceased’s church or faith leader to ensure that your loved one’s final attire is appropriate.

Bring Special Items

Sometimes, people request that they are buried wearing special mementos such as wedding and engagement rings as well as other sentimental jewelry and accessories. People also often request to be buried with personal possessions such as family photographs and Bibles.

If you’d like the person to wear a special item during the ceremony, but not be buried with it, be sure to notify your funeral director in advance. However, to ensure that a precious keepsake or family heirloom does not get buried with your loved one unintentionally, consider using these special items during the viewing only and not in the funeral ceremony.

Think About Cremation Limitations

If your loved one will be cremated, it’s important to keep in mind that environmental laws restrict the materials and accessories that can be cremated. If your loved one is going to be cremated following a viewing or open-casket funeral, some burial clothes and accessories may need to be removed prior to the cremation.

Common clothing items and accessories that cannot be cremated include:

  • Treated leather, such as shoes, boots and biker jackets
  • Rubber soled shoes
  • Eyeglasses
  • Any metal items including jewelry, piercings and belt buckles

If you’d like to speak to a knowledgeable funeral director about choosing the appropriate attire for a loved one who has passed away, or need help planning a fitting and memorable tribute, call Bevis Funeral Home today at (850) 385-2193.

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  1. That’s good to know that you can have a someone buried or shown with a special object if they have one. I would want to be buried with my wedding ring, so I’ll have to tell that to my wife so she can tell the director. I’ll have to make sure that when I die, I get a funeral home that could help me look good one last time before I get buried.

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