5 Potential Sources for Funding Your Funeral

Posted on May 16, 2018 by Bevis Funeral Home under Preplanning
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Every funeral is unique, which means the costs associated with a service or burial will vary. Though there are many ways you can work with your funeral director to create a memorable and affordable service, there are some unavoidable costs associated with every ceremony that families will be tasked with paying for.

While some people choose to pre-pay their funeral expenses, others will leave the cost to be covered by their loved ones—sometimes causing a financial strain.

There are a variety of options for people who cannot afford to pay for a funeral out of pocket. However, deciding which financing option is best can be difficult, so it’s best to know your options before the need arises.


Most funeral homes offer pre-planning services that will help ensure your end-of-life desires are met. Though pre-planning doesn’t require pre-payment, funding your services in advance can relieve some of the family’s financial burden and can protect them from inflation. If you choose to pre-fund your final arrangements through Bevis Funeral Home, your money is put in a state-approved trust account or top-rated insurance company until it’s needed. After your pre-plan is paid in full, your price is guaranteed, so your family will never have to pay more for the items and services you’ve chosen.

Funeral Loans

Some families choose to finance funerals through funeral loans, a type of personal loan designed specifically to cover funeral expenses. Most ordinary lenders are reluctant to finance funerals; however, some special financial institutions offer their services through funeral homes. These third-party consumer-lender loans are generally unsecured and awarded based on creditworthiness. They also tend to have higher interest rates. If you’re considering a loan as your funeral payment method, be sure to thoroughly research each company, their processes, rates and lending policies before making a decision.

Non-Profit Groups

While there are several non-profit organizations that specialize in funding funerals, one of the best places to start when seeking financial assistance is local faith-based groups because they often have a benevolence program in place for providing financial assistance to member families. Another potential resource is service-oriented fraternal groups such as the Elks Club, the Shriners or Rotary Club. In dire situations, these groups have proven to help those in need – especially if there is already a connection to their organization.


In recent years, raising money through crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular option for people who are unable to fully fund funeral and burial expenses themselves. If you decide that this fundraising method is right for you, keep in mind that crowdfunding websites typically charge fees to utilize the service, which means you won’t be able to utilize all of the funds raised for funeral expenses. Additionally, getting a crowdfunding campaign off the ground can be a challenge, so be prepared to put in some work to reach your fundraising goal.

Public Assistance

There are several programs offered at both the federal and state levels that provide financial assistance for funerals and burials. Though in most cases public assistance will be provided at the state or county level, payment through Social Security or the Veterans Administration may be available. If you need help paying for a funeral and you are not sure where to turn, try contacting either your county coroner’s office of the agency in your area that handles health and human services.

Creating a unique and beautiful tribute to your lost loved one doesn’t have to cause undue financial stress on your family. If you’re in need of affordable funeral services, call Bevis Funeral Home today at 850-385-2193 to speak with one of our expert funeral directors.

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