Does Choosing Cremation Mean I Can’t Have a Funeral?

Posted on March 1, 2018 by Bevis Funeral Home under Cremation, Preplanning
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People choose cremation for a variety of reasons, from environmental to financial, yet many families still have the desire to honor their loved one with a unique and memorable service.

If you’d like to plan a ceremony to celebrate the life of a loved one who will be cremated, here are three questions to consider.

Should I Have a Funeral or Memorial Service?

Choosing between a traditional funeral and a memorial service to honor your loved one is a matter of preference. A traditional funeral service would take place a short time following the death of your loved one, before the cremation process, so that the body can be present. A memorial service, however, would be held after the body has been cremated, giving your much more scheduling flexibility.

Do I Still Need a Casket?

If you decide to have a formal funeral service that includes a viewing, you may want to purchase an all-wood casket that can also serve as a cremation container. The idea of spending additional money on a casket may sound unappealing to those who have chosen cremation as a way to lessen the financial obligation of a traditional funeral and burial.

Another generally less-expensive option that families may choose is renting a casket. Though many funeral homes offer casket rental services, you should check with your funeral director beforehand to ensure a rental is available. It’s also important to remember that if you rent a casket, you will have to make preparations for an alternative container for the cremation.

What Happens After the Visitation or Services?

Following the visitation or funeral services, the cremation will take place and the remains can then be returned to family members. Families have many options when it comes to handling cremated remains. Some choose to have the remains buried at a cemetery or placed in a columbarium, while others choose to scatter the ashes at a meaningful location. You can also have remains stored in a decorative urn and keep them in your home.

If you’re looking to plan a unique and memorable memorial or funeral service for your loved one, call Bevis Funeral Home at 850-385-2193 to speak with one of our expert funeral directors today.

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