Bevis remembers Tallahassee

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Bevis Funeral Home under Community
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Bevis is a locally owned and operated funeral home- most of the employees were born here, raised here, or might as well have been. Because of this, we could all sit up front with a cup of coffee and go on for hours about “back in the day.” We ran across these photos from the Tallahassee Democrat- and reminisced a while. Even if this was before your time or before you moved here- you’ll appreciate the simple splendor that was Tallahassee.

Tallahassee Democrat Slideshow

Here’s some of our favorites:

leon lights ruediger woolworths

Share with us your favorite Tallahassee memories!

One thought on “Bevis remembers Tallahassee

  1. Pam Raker Mills says:

    No words can express my appreciation for David Conn, Amber Miller and Gary. You are all exceptional people, who cared so compassionately for my mom. Thank you is not nearly enough….

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